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Brand: Ultra Klean Ultra Pure Fake Urine

Here are the  facts about this brand of synthetic urine that has been around for over 20 years with thousands of tests passed.

Fake Urine Kit Sizes: 2oz. or 4oz.

Contents: The Ultra Klean synthetic urine kit contains a pre-mixed bottle of fake urine with temperature strip, heating pads, flip cap, and rubber band to secure the heating pad.

Fake Urine Ingredients: Urea!, proper PH, creatinine

Guarantee: 500% Money Back

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How to use Synthetic Urine


Follow these easy directions to properly use a synthetic urine kit!

1.  Pop the cap on your fake piss. Now be careful heating this pee up. Microwave no more that 10 seconds OR just strap on the provided heat packs and start the warmup process.

2. Put the cap back on, and start shaking it up. Check your temperature strip and make sure you are in the 90-99 degree Farenheit range. A little higher is ok as well as it will have time to cool down.

3. Apply heating pads with rubber band to fake urine bottle if you have not done so already.

4. Grab and go. You are ready to pour up some fake pee!

Ultra Pure is lab tested!


These synthetic urine kits are lab tested and approved.  The mixologists craft this urine to simulate the real stuff! Does Ultra Klean contain urea? YES! Does Ultra Klean contain urice acid? YES! Don't roll aroound with some bunk urine from some cheap brand or some powder stuff.  Buy the best fake urine available!

The Ultra Klean Guarantee


All products come with a 500% money back guarantee that they will work! There is no other company that does what Ultra Klean does by backing their products this much guaranteeing that they indeed do work! Not only do they guarantee their synthetic urine will work, they also back their Ultra Wash saliva cleansing mouthwash and hair follicle Ultra Cleanse shampoo!

Ultra Klean ships all over the United States with standard to express shipping options available for whatever you need! Searching for Ultra Klean synthetic urine in Australia???? Don't worry these guys got you covered. ships to Australia.  Order today and get some Ultra Pure sent to you! This fake urine will not dissappoint..

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